Episode 13 – Secretary Marge

The crew follows up on a lead about a certain ship after a much deserved reward.

Real talk – Sorry for the long wait and thank you all for your patience. It has been a crazy and unpredictable seven months since Jewel had the hemorrhages in her brain. But last week we got the best news we could have hoped for. Her six month scan since her brain surgeries showed that the AVM (tangle of veins and arteries that caused the hemorrhages) was for sure completely removed and will not pose problems in the future! YAY! And now that we are both breathing easier, I will have more time again to work on Heroes in Question. We have some exciting stuff in the works, new games planned and more fun to share. This was the last episode recorded before the “brain circus” so we will have to start recording some more content which means a little bit more waiting (sorry), but the good prognosis means that it can all start again where we left off. Thank you all so much. – Cody

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