One-Shot – Helmstead

Happy New Year everyone! The holidays were pretty crazy, and while I haven’t been posting new episodes (editing can take a while sometimes!) we have still been recording. With the start of the new year we’re getting back to business and I’ll be putting out new episodes again, starting with this one – a one-shot mini story I did for my family (who, except for one, had never played D&D before). The setting takes place in a fantasy version of Victorian England, where magic and fantasy races exist, but are so rare most normal humans don’t even believe in it. Also, since this was recorded live at the table, there is almost no editing on this episode, so you get to hear what it is really like playing the game, haha! I have only removed periodic dead air and pauses for bathroom breaks. No retakes or content cuts. I hope you enjoy it, and we’ll see you soon with the next new episode of Heroes in Question in a couple weeks getting back to Adrik, Kveld, and Vicky!

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